Pirates of the Inner Sea

A number of different pirate organizations exist in the Inner Sea the largest groups of which are listed below

Patriotic Pirate-Hunters
Alignment: NG
Home Port: Augustana
Privateers who use pirates’ own tactics in order to eliminate thieves and slavers.

Independent Freebooters in the Tropics
Alignment: CE
Home Port: Ilizmagorti
Pirates who live in uneasy peace with the Red Mantis assassins.

Ruthless Traders in Living Cargo
Alignment: NE
Home Port: Okeno
Notorious flesh-merchants whose yellow sails are feared throughout the Inner Sea.

Plundering Pirates from a Stabilized Port
Alignment: CN
Home Port: Riddleport
Pirates who work together to trade and run protection rackets.

River Kingdoms
River Raiders along the Sellen
Alignment: CN
Home Port: Deadbridge
Fast-moving pirates who plunder river traffic through anarchic kingdoms rarely seen in the seas.

The Shackles
United Pirate Lords
Alignment: CN
Home Port: Port Peril
A freewheeling nation based entirely on piracy, ruled by a council of famous captains.

Pirates of the Inner Sea

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